Emotion. I can’t paint without it, without having an emotional connection to my subject, my process. When I paint I watch in amazement as my hand creates the work. I thrill at this feeling, as if inspiration is flowing through me from some other source to my canvas and I just happen to be a witness.                       

I am currently in my fourth year of a five year studio art program at Wackers Academie in Amsterdam. Wackers is a small, classically oriented school which teaches realism. My goal is to hone my skills so I can better express my feelings in my work. But realism is not my actual goal.

The tension between realism and my own yearning for expression is visible in my work. My paintings often portray serious tenderness, awkwardness and darkness. They examine fleeting moments of emotion, but also portray stories from film and from the lives and the deaths of people I respect.

Through painting I search for, and often find, the purpose of my life.